shift [shift]
[ME schiften < OE sciftan, to divide, separate < IE * skeib- > SHIP]
1. to move or transfer from one person, place, or position to another [to shift the blame]
2. to replace by another or others; change or exchange
3. to change (gears) from one arrangement to another in driving a motor vehicle
4. to change phonetically, as by Grimm's law
5. Now Chiefly Dial. to change (clothes)
a) to change position, direction, form, character, etc.
b) to undergo phonetic change
2. to get along; manage [to shift for oneself]
3. to use tricky, evasive, or expedient methods
4. to change from one gear arrangement to another
5. in typing, to change from small letters, etc. to capitals, etc. by depressing a key (shift key)
6. Now Chiefly Dial. to change one's clothing
1. the act of shifting from one person, place, position, etc. to another; change; transfer; substitution
2. a means or plan of conduct, esp. one followed in an emergency or difficulty; expedient; stratagem
3. a deceitful scheme or method; evasion; trick
4. short for GEARSHIFT
a) a group of people working in relay with another or other groups [the night shift]
b) the regular work period of such a group
6. a change in direction, as of the wind
a) Now Rare a chemise, or woman's slip
b) a loose dress that hangs straight with no waistline
8. Now Chiefly Dial. a change of clothing
9. Football a regrouping of offensive or defensive players before the ball is put in play
10. Linguis. a phonetic change or series of changes that alters the system of sounds in a language: see GREAT VOWEL SHIFT
11. Mining a fault or displacement, as in a vein
12. Music a change in the position of the hand, as on the fingerboard of a violin
13. Physics a change in the observed frequency of a wave, as of light or sound
make shift
to manage or do the best one can (with whatever means are at hand)

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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